My Word For the Year

Season #1

A few years ago I adopted a word system to help guide me throughout the year. I read a few blogs of people who were doing this and I jumped on the bandwagon. Here are the words that I used in the past

2011 – Acceleration, Mindfulness, and Learning

2013- Transform, Practice, and Completion

Then in 2014 I realized that my ADD was getting the best of me and I narrowed the list of three to a list of one.

2014 --Discernment

2015- Transform

2016 - Health

2017 - Inspire

2018 - Prepare

2019 - Breakthrough

2020 - Focus

2021- Create

My word for 2022 is habit. Looking back at my words I have have had a lot of good words. I have picked words that have pushed me and I have done a lot because of it. But not a lot has stuck over the years. I know that in order to make something stick in your life it needs to become a habit. so that is my goal for 2022 - to establish good, positive habits in my life that will stick.

I want to help you find your word as well. 

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