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What if there was a way for you to:

*Discover Your Inner Passion

*Set Yourself Free From What is Holding You Back

*Take Charge of Your life

YOU can find PEACE in the Midst of Chaos

Through Coaching, You Will Discover the following:



Your Passion

By signing up for coaching, you will identify your passions and create a path to pursue them. Through questioning, exploration, and reflection, you will uncover your deepest interests, values, and motivations. This may involve exploring past experiences, hobbies, or childhood dreams to discover what excites and inspires you. Once these passions are identified, your coach will help you develop a plan of action to pursue your personal or professional life. This may involve setting goals, identifying potential obstacles, and creating a support system to help the client stay accountable and motivated. Ultimately, by helping you discover and pursue your passions, your coach can lead to greater fulfillment, satisfaction, and success in all aspects of life.


 What is Holding You Back

Through coaching, you will identify and achieve your personal and professional goals. You will discover what is holding you back from reaching your full potential. This could involve exploring limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, or self-sabotaging behaviors that may prevent you from progressing in your life. Through targeted questioning and reflection, your coach will help you gain greater self-awareness and develop strategies to overcome these obstacles and achieve your desired outcomes.


How To Take Charge of Your Life

Your coach will help you take charge of your life and make meaningful progress toward your goals. Through coaching, you will have a sense of self-awareness, enabling you to make more intentional choices and take action toward your desired outcomes. Additionally, your coach will help you develop strategies to overcome obstacles and create a plan of action to achieve your goals. Taking charge of your life this way can increase your sense of agency and control over your circumstances, leading to greater confidence, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

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Coaching Will Give You

everything you need to experience success


Maybe you have been lost and confused for a while.  Maybe you are burned out at work or at home.  If you are feeling:

Tired all the time

Stressed at work or at home

Loss of excitement 

Depressed or Anxious

Then you will benefit from coaching!!    

There are a variety of packages that can fit your needs.  We want you to be happy, to feel joyful d to live the life of your dreams.


What You Can Expect After Coaching

  • Increased Self-Awareness: One of the primary outcomes of life coaching is increased self-awareness. Life coaching helps you gain a better understanding of yourself, your values, your goals, and your motivations. Through the coaching process, you learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and develop a clearer sense of your priorities and what you want to achieve in life.


  • Improved Clarity and Focus: Life coaching helps you identify what you want to achieve and create a roadmap for getting there. By clarifying your goals and priorities, you can develop a sense of purpose and direction in your life. You can also develop a greater sense of focus and concentration, as you work towards achieving your objectives.


  • Enhanced Confidence and Resilience: Life coaching can help you build your confidence and resilience by providing you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome obstacles and challenges. By learning to manage your thoughts and emotions more effectively, you can develop a greater sense of self-efficacy and self-assurance, which can help you navigate life's ups and downs with greater ease and confidence.
Yes Please!!!

A bit about me...

My name is Joe McGarry, and I am the founder and lead coach of Emmaus Collective. 

I am a trained and certified Life and Grief through the International Coaching Federation (PCC) and Christian Coaches Network International (CPCC).

I  have a passion for helping individuals navigate through the ups and downs of life. I specialize in helping leaders gain clarity and confidence so they can become the best version of themselves.

I have worked with over a hundred individuals, and I am excited to continue this journey with you.

Being a coach is not just a job for me; it's a calling. 

 Whether you want to improve your relationships, achieve your career goals, find meaning in your life, or cope with grief, I am here to help you.

Sign up today!


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What's Included


#1- An overview of what is and is not working.

In our first session, we will discuss what is working in your life and some things you want to change. We will set goals for our sessions together and work toward achieving those goals. 

#2- Coaching between sessions.

Depending on your needs, we will meet between one and four times a month (depending on your needs). Between sessions, I am available for a quick conversation in text or audio messages. This will help you stay focused between sessions to achieve your goals. 

#3- All inclusive online coaching experience. 

You will have a secure membership account where you can log in and access your coaching notes, resources that we provide for you and a glance at upcoming coaching sessions.  

Here's What Others Are Saying...


I have been working with Coach Joe to transform my leadership presence.
He has a great sense of asking the question to bring forward new awareness, and help you navigate forward.
 I have succeeded in acting on my goals, and identify new development paths to be my best self.


I had the pleasure of working with Joe and the experience was truly life-changing.

Before I started coaching with Joe, I was feeling stuck in a rut and lacking direction in both my personal and professional life.

Joe was able to help me identify the areas in my life where I was feeling unfulfilled and provide me with the tools to find my passion.


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Choose the best option to fit your needs

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One Coaching Session


One time payment

  • No long term commitment
  • Work on short term challenges
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Access to resources

Three Month Package


One time payment

  • 8 sessions
  • Discover your passion
  • Create a clear path forward
  • Live your best life

Six Month Package


One time payment

  • 15 sessions
  • Reach your goals and priorities
  • Advae into new territories
  • Confront more complex problems


Yes! A 100% Money Back Guarantee

This product has a 30 day money back guarantee. If you work through the first few modules of this course and are not completely satisfied we will refund your money. ** Refunds must be requested in writing within this refund period.