CHARGE (Create Habits Around Real Goals Everyday) with Gary Wilbers

Season #1

Today on the podcast I talk with Coach Gary Wilbers.

The first business Gary built, Mid- America Wireless, started as a small two-man company and culminated with ten regional storefronts and over one hundred fifty employees. He developed a culture of learning and sharing knowledge within his organizations.

Gary created a framework, The High Achiever Mindset, using his success as the foundation. He now shares his message as a keynote speaker, trainer, and coach in order to help others reach their goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Gary is also involved in his community and gives his time and resources to several organizations. His passion is working with Special Olympics Missouri. He currently serves on the statewide board and is the Capital Campaign Chair for the Training for Life Campus fund drive with the purpose of building a state of the art facility for Missouri athletes. One of his greatest joys is playing unified golf with Keith

Lueckenhoff, a SOMO athlete.

Gary and his wife Dana have three children, Chris, Adam and Elle, and reside in Wardsville, MO.

To learn more about Gary you can go to his website

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