2 Bald Pastors

2 Bald Pastors

Hosted by: Pastor Joe McGarry and Pastor Geoff Sinibaldo

Pastor Joe McGarry and Pastor Geoff Sinibaldo explore the connection between faith and life. Who are we? How did we get here? Why are we bald?


Conversation with Dan Rift ELCA World Hunger

Season #1 Episode #83

In episode 83 of the podcast Pastor Joe McGarry and Pastor Geoff Sinibaldo talk with Dan Rift of the ELCA.   Dan talks about the good work ELCA World Hunger and Lutheran Disaster Response are doing in the world. Dan...
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Geoff and Joe and Not Freaking Out

Season #1 Episode #82

Geoff and Joe talk about the Corona Virus and how they are handling things in the craziness of the world. 
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Holy Everything with Emily Carson

Season #1 Episode #81

Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff have a wonderful conversation with Emily Carson about her book Holy Everything. You can buy a book from Amazon by going to Holy Everything You can learn more about Emily at her website You...
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M.O.D. Cast on the 2 Bald Pastors Podcast

Season #1 Episode #80

Brian Scott and Justin Boeding are two Masters of Divinity (M.O.D.) talk about pop culture and God. They come on the 2 Bald Pastors Podcast to talk about their podcast and how they go about making an excellent show. ...
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Everyday Spirituality with The 2 Bald Pastors

Season #1 Episode #77

Geoff and Joe followup their conversation with Bishop Hazelwood with a conversation about what Everyday Spirituality means to them.  This is an interesting conversation and takes some twists and turns you might not...
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Episode 76: Everyday Spirituality with Bishop Hazelwood

Season #3 Episode #76

James Hazelwood has been a parish pastor, photographer, disc jockey and ice cream scooper.  These life experiences inform his writing for the recently released book, Everyday Spirituality: Discover a Life of Hope,...
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Episode 75: The Beginning of Acts

Season #1 Episode #75

In a new series Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff will be reading through the book of Acts story by story.  In this first episode they talk about their favorite stories and themes throughout the book of Acts and why they...
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Episode 74: In the City for Good

Season #1 Episode #74

The 2 Bald Pastors talk with Paula Mehmel, the pastor of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hartford, CT.  On Sunday, September 24, 2017, the people of Emanuel overwhelmingly voted to call Rev. Dr. Paula V. Mehmel as its...
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Important Announcement from the 2 Bald Pastors

We have some important news to share with you.
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Episode 73: Standing with our Siblings in Christ

Season #1 Episode #67

Pastor Geoff and Pastor Joe followup their conversation with Pastor Amanda with a deeper dive in conversation about human sexuality.  They cover topics about the vote in the United Methodist Church and the recent...
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Episode 72: Conversation with Rev. Amanda Gerken-Nelson

Today Geoff and Joe talk with Rev. Amanda Gerken-Nelson the Executive Director of Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries.   Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries Reconciling works Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of...
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Episode 71: Everything you ever wanted to know about Stewardship

Season #3 Episode #5

Everything you ever wanted to know about stewardship you can find out in this week's podcast.  Join Pastor Joe and Pastor Geoff as they talk about the widow's mite and how that will inspire your congregation to...
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