Walk the Walk Podcast

Walk the Walk Podcast

Hosted by: Joe McGarry

This podcast is for the Reach the Beach Walk hosted by Joe McGarry.


Conversation with Pastor Niki Harvell

Season #2 Episode #1

Welcome to Season Two! Things look a little different but we are the same podcast.  We are reaching out to people who are participating in Walk the Walk 2021 for Camp Calumet.   Today we talk with Pastor Niki Harvell...
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Conversation with Bishop Jim

Season #1 Episode #10

This final episode of Season 1 for Reach the Beach Walk Podcast I talk with Bishop Jim Hazelwood.  Bishop Hazelwood is a long time support of Camp Calumet and he talks about some experiences he has had at Calumet.  
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Conversation with George

Season #1 Episode #9

This week I talk with George Wilson.  We talk about her experiences at Camp Calumet and all the things she does for Reach the Beach Walk.
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Conversation with Anthony

Season #1 Episode #8

Today I sit down with Anthony at Camp Calumet and talk about his experience with Reach the Beach and how he is excited to participate in Reach the Beach 2.0!
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Conversation with Knute

Season #1 Episode #7

Joe had a conversation with Knute about the one day campaign, updates about Reach the Beach Walk and the Reach The Beach 2.0.   To learn more about Reach the Beach 2.0 and to sign up to run go to...
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Conversation with Celia

Season #1 Episode #5

This is another episode of Reach the Beach Podcast with Joe McGarry.  Today I talk with Celia.  She is a "cheerleader" for Reach the Beach Walkers.  She talks more about that and why she loves camp so much.  Thank you...
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Conversation with Carol and Karin

Season #1 Episode #4

This week I talk with Carol and Karin about this it experience not only in Reach the Beach walk, but also as the mother and sister of Knute and Karl.
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Conversation with Cindy and Cecilia

Season #1 Episode #4

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Reach the Beach Walk Podcast.   This week I talk with Cindy and Cecilia.  Cecilia is the person who lives furthest away from Calumet who is participating in the walk.  She is from...
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Conversation with Mindy Olson and Bethlynn Howard

Season #1 Episode #3

Mindy and Bethlynn do a lot of walking together.  We talk about that in this week's podcast.  We also talk about their motivation to walk.   Their inspirational message will help you get out there and get those miles...
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Conversation with Pat Mahoney

Season #1 Episode #2

Welcome to another episode of The Reach the Beach Walk Podcast!   This week I talk with Pat Mahoney who has worked with Reach the Beach Walk for a number of years.  She knows all the ins and outs of what happens every...
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Conversation with Amy O'Riley

Season #1 Episode #1

Welcome to the first episode of the Reach the Beach Walk Podcast! Today's episode features Amy O'Riley who works on the back end technology of the Reach the Beach Walk.  She gives some tips and insights to make sure...
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