5 Ways To Get To Know Yourself Better

A lot of people don’t know themselves that well. Because they can’t articulate their preferences, goals, and desires, people who don’t know themselves well often feel lost or directionless in life. To improve your sense of self, take some time to get to know yourself a little better!

If the concept of getting to know yourself seems strange, never fear–there are some simple tricks and exercises you can do to get a better understanding of your true self. 

  1. Take some quiet time and spend it alone each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. 

The noise of the world around you can be deafening. If you’re struggling to better understand your own thoughts, take a minute or two each day to meditate or ruminate on a current dilemma you’re facing.

While it seems simple, this method is an excellent way to allow your true inner thoughts a chance to “speak up” in a noisy world. Some quiet time for yourself lets you think your own thoughts in an uninterrupted environment–no friends offering opinions, coworkers complaining, or family trying to give advice. 

  1. Consider keeping a written log of your thoughts, feelings, and opinions. 

Journals, logs, and diaries have been around for thousands of years for a good reason! They are a fantastic tool for self-reflection. Spending some time getting all of your thoughts literally “out of your head” makes them easier to read and review when they’re written on the page. 

After you spend some time writing, take a minute to read over what you’ve written–you’ll often be surprised at the clarity you feel concerning your inner thoughts and feelings once you can read through them. 

  1. Ask people you look up to or trust deeply for their honest feedback. 

A great way to learn more about yourself is to get an outsider’s perspective. This method can feel super daunting; it’s tough hearing feedback from other people, especially when it could be constructive criticism. 

However, gaining an outsider’s view of yourself is a great way to better understand different aspects of who you are (and how other people perceive you). 

  1. Give yourself an opportunity to separate yourself from your expectations. 

The expectations we set for ourselves can be the biggest and toughest ones to meet. To get a better understanding of yourself, give yourself a chance to picture yourself without those big, looming expectations over your head. 

Having expectations for yourself isn’t a bad thing–often, having these expectations leads to goal setting and a general positive direction for living life. However, if you tend to get too caught up in how you should live up to your expectations, you could be losing sight of your true self. 

Think about your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and opinions without the pressures of your expectations also crowding your mind. Do you see yourself differently without those expectations in place? Probably so! 

  1. Take some of the tried and true personality tests to gain a better understanding of yourself. 

There are dozens of reputable personality tests you can take to gain a better understanding of yourself. Many of these are heavily supported in the psychology world. 

Some workplaces, universities, and other professional organizations require their new employees or members to take some of these personality tests so the new folks can get a better sense of themselves before entering a new school or workplace. 

According to Medium, some of the most commonly used personality tests are the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator, the Enneagram personality test, and the DISC tests. Different tests measure different aspects of self and personality. Consider trying a few different types to paint a bigger picture of yourself. 

As you get to know yourself you will have a better sense of direction you should take both professionally and personally.  This is a life changing practice.

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