Affirmation Reflection: There is Great Joy in the Little Things in Life

There is great joy in the little things in life.

 Little things make me laugh and bring me great joy. Joyous events of great magnitude make me happy, of course, but the small events add up in life and become the foundation of what brings me happiness and peace.

 I partake in the little joys that happen around me each day. My baby's smile, my puppy's exuberance, and even the aroma of my morning coffee bring me happiness. If I look around, I can always find something to be joyful about in that moment.

Joy is a choice. Because I know I control my own destiny, I choose to be joyful and happy.

 By taking joy from the little things, I am rarely disappointed. There is always something nearby that makes me happy. I like to live a simple life where small things matter each day. I share that philosophy and my joy with other people, so they can have joy in their lives.

 By sharing my joy of little things with others, I am even happier. The joy I send out radiates back to me in everything I do. People appreciate my simple joy. People find more joy in their own lives when I am around.

 I show people how to appreciate the little things in life, and it makes their lives better. By working to make my life more joyful, I am able to share more joy with others. There is great power in great joy.

 Today, I take the time to reflect on the little things in life that make me smile.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I find more joy in small things?
  2. What can I do to show others how much joy is available to them?
  3. Are there ways I can share more of my joy with others?

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